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Lyrics Full Crate - Magnetic

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This is the song lyrics Full Crate - Magnetic

(ft. Susan Carol & Sergiio) Your magnetic connection Is pulling me in I tried to fight But I can't escape it Your energy surrounds me I love your atmosphere When you're away I can't wait til You're right back here Baby I need you here Baby I need you near Baby I need you near Baby I need you here Oooo this distance It's slowly killing me I can't Take the thought of you being So far away Cause I need you here And I want you near Cause don't you know That I'm hurting Oh oh baby I need you near Oh baby I need you near I need you near Come back, I miss you baby Come back, Oh come back Oh come back To me Baby please (baby baby please) Said I need you, I need you yeah Baby just say yes (yeah) Baby please come back (Come back to me) Baby please (Baby I'm begging you please) Please (what I see in you) Nobody else can see no (Nobody else but me) I need you baby oh I need you baby (Say you need me too, Baby tell me what you wanna do) Cause I miss you oh yeah I miss yaWrong Lyrics?

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